Welcome to version 2 of Hypnagogic-Visage (HV), a life in still frame.  HV is a day to day visual record of life as I experience it through photography.  There is no particular theme here, and hopefully I can make posts interesting enough that you’ll want to return regularly.

Ashley Robjohns has many talents and prefers to do things himself rather than having someone else have all the fun.  This usually means he has more than one thing on the go at any time, and multiple things yet unfinished but this also ensures he doesn’t get bored and learns a lot on a wide and varied range of topics.  Some of these will likely be reflected here.

Whether you liked this site or not, perhaps you’ll enjoy my friends pages instead.

  • Janne Helen (Jannehelen.net):  A journalist, amateur photographer and self confessed nerd girl from Norway blogs regularly about life and has a quirky pleasant Norwegian slant on life.
  • Anna Baggoley (Baggspacked.com):  Anna is a Registered Nurse from Australia, taking the plunge and heading to England to find a man study, and become a super-nurse.


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